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Hand Surgery

Nicosia Polyclinic offers various treatments and procedures on pathologies of the hands. Most of these procedures are carried out by our internationally known hand surgeon Dr Stefano Cataldi who visits Cyprus to see his Greek and Cypriot patients. Hand surgery often involves the repair of damage to the hand or wrist which may have occurred to bone, muscle, tendon, nerve and other soft tissue (such as ligaments).

Recognised by all major medical insurers, Nicosia Polyclinic offers fast, convenient, effective and high quality hand and wrist treatment for all patients in a safe and clean environment, whether medically insured, self-pay, or from the increasing number referred by the Ministry of Health.

Nicosia Polyclinic’s operating theatres utilise ultra clean-air technology, minimizing the risk of hospital infection from bacteria such as MRSA. The management of hand conditions is facilitated by our diagnostic department which includes state-of-the-art imaging departments with CT scanning, ultrasound, fluoroscopy facilities etc.

Dr Cataldi, is a an innovator in the treatment of Dupuytren’s disease where he uses a minimally-invasive technique (percutaneous needle aponeurotomy) that is associated with improved and fast benefits for the patients. This technique is unique in Cyprus and Greece, and only few hand surgeons in Europe have been trained on this technique.

Dupuytrens disease before treatment

Dupuytrens disease after treatment


Other common hand conditions treated successfully in Nicosia Polyclinic include:

Dr Stefano Cataldi, MD

Specialist Hand and Micro-surgeon

Innovator in the treatment of Dupuytren’s disease

Specialist in the Endovascular laser treatment of Varicose Veins

Dr Cataldi qualified from the medical school of La Sapienza University of Rome in 1992. Since then, he worked in various big teaching hospitals in Rome and France where he gained huge experience in the management of acute medical and surgical emergencies. Through the years Dr Cataldi has attended various courses in emergency procedures and ultrasound imaging techniques as well as completed master degrees and contributed to research and teaching of his colleagues.

Dr Cataldi has developed advanced surgical skills through the years. After working in many big hospitals of Paris, Marseilles and Rome he became a qualified General Surgeon. His training included internships in gastrointestinal surgery (open and laparoscopic), liver surgery (resection and transplantations), vascular and hand surgery.

During the last decade, Dr Cataldi has become a distinguished hand surgeon in Italy and Europe in general. After attending exhaustive training he has mastered hand surgery and microscopic microsurgery.

Furthermore, he is one of the few surgeons in Europe who perform a minimally invasive technique for the treatment of Dupuytren’s disease (needle aponeurotomy) which is associated with excellent functional outcomes for patients with Dupuytren’s disease.

Finally, Dr Cataldi has attended courses in Paris and gained special skills in endovenous laser treatment of varicose veins . His big experience in this unique treatment has lead to great aesthetic and functional results for his patients.

Dr Cataldi performs his unique procedure all over Europe and sees his Cypriot and Greek patients in Nicosia Polyclinic.