"A sound body in a sharp mind"

Clinical Laboratory

The Theocharides Clinical Laboratory is a long term collaborator of Nicosia Polyclinic. The laboratory is equipped with modern and state of art (last generation) machines of multinational companies such as ROCHE, HITACHI DBC, SYSMEX.

At our Laboratory more than 1000 analyses are fulfilled in various branch of medical science s including biochemistry, microbiology, hematology, immunology, parasitology, virology as well as analyses of water.

Analyses that can not be done at our laboratories are being sent in accredited laboratories in Germany with which we collaborated.

Our Laboratory consists of:

  • 2 executives in science with education level of M.Sc.
  • 5 executives are also employed with education level of (B.Sc):
  • 2 nurses
  • 2 employees for office tasks
  • 2 messengers

You can find more information on the laboratory website.