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Patients from Abroad

We do not need to tell you that if you are going to have any surgical procedure, it is far better to have it in the country in which you reside. Why? So that if you have any serious problems (which are rare) the surgeon is near. So why do we choose to go to Cyprus? Simple, because it’s cheaper, as is the economy of the country in which the surgery is performed. If the prices in the UK were not as unbelievably high, we would have surgery nearer to home, it’s plain common sense. However until that day dawns; if it ever does, “normal” hard working people look for alternatives.

Furthermore, most surgical procedures require you spend some time out of circulation, to rest, heal and recuperate in your own time. So what could be better than jetting off to the beautiful island of Cyprus for two weeks? And then return home with your new image. Cyprus offers the visitor the best of the Mediterranean – day after day of sunshine throughout the year, beautiful beaches, a relaxed lifestyle and excellent cuisine. And, due to its long association with the UK, Cyprus is remarkably familiar to British visitors. English is widely spoken and understood. This safe and welcoming country is becoming a centre for cosmetic surgery at competitive prices. Also the cost is substantially less than it is in the UK!

Moreover, having your an operation in Cyprus ensures you have a high degree of privacy and that you don’t have to answer any unwanted questions, from family or friends, neighbours and work colleagues while you are not looking and feeling your best. You are not going to have to answer the door, feel obliged to cook, just nip down to the shops, speak to so-and-so on the phone or make polite conversation with any inquisitors no matter how well meaning. You will communicate solely with family and friends of your choice. Privacy is an obvious consideration when you think about it, which many people fail to take into account when planning their cosmetic surgery.

Summarizing, Cyprus:

  • Is a favoured holiday destination!
  • Offers treatment prices at around 30-50% of UK prices!
  • Is less than five hours away by air!
  • Has a temperate climate!
  • Is aligned with the UK in terms of driving on the left and using the same plugs!
  • Has English spoken population, in the main!