"A sound body in a sharp mind"


Nicosia Polyclinic consists of a total of 43 fully equipped and modern rooms.

The rooms are either private single bedded or with two beds. All rooms have central climate control system, private bathroom, a nurse call-system, a LCD TV set, and telephone with direct dialing. All single rooms have also a refrigerator.

In addition there is one big suit and three luxury private rooms all with their own nursing staff on a 24 hour supervision, luxury decoration, private room with its own bed, bathroom and TV set. Furthermore, these rooms have a big sofa that can turn into a spacious sofa-bed in order for relatives, friends or partners to spend the night in the hospital with their loved ones. leather furniture that can turn into sofa-bed, small coffee tables,a LCD TV set, internet connection, its has a small kitchen, a refrigerator and also separate WC.

An Airborne Infection Isolation Room (AIIR) is available to patients who suffer from an infectious disease. The interior design of the room minimizes the spread of airborne pathogens, keeping patients, visitors, and medical staff safe. Managing risk in healthcare facilities is of paramount importance to us and key objective in the philosophy of Nicosia Polyclinic.

Our nursing and medical staff is specifically trained to practise aseptic techniques and procedures in order to prevent the spread of infections. Nurses and doctors always wear gloves, special shoes, masks and aprons when entering the isolation room.

Psychiatric room

Nicosia Polyclinic has a double bedded room specially designed to accommodate inpatients suffering from a mental illness. This room has many adaptations to maximize safety and minimize any adverse incidents that could have been caused by the patients. These include among others: special glass windows that do not break, absence of wires and cables on telephones and other electrical devices and others. Nicosia polyclinic has a specialist psychiatric nurse that has experience in looking after patients with mental illnesses.

High Dependency Unit (HDU)

Our HDU offers a specialist and intensive observation for acutely unwell patients.
We provide continuous cardio-pulmonary monitoring, with all the necessary facilities like ventilators, infusion and injection pumps, continuous oxygen supply etc.

In addition, portable echocardiogram and xray devices are available to diagnose conditions in acute situations.

Our HDU is fully equipped to meet the demands of acutely unwell patients presenting with dangerous arrhythmias, myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) and for observation of post-operative patients with other co-morbidities.

ALL the rooms have also internet access fee of charge.

Visiting Hours

From 10.00 am to 22:00

During visiting Hours

For precaution reasons, children under 12 years old are discouraged from visiting the clinic, and they must always be accompanied by an adult if they visit.

Foods and drinks for the patients are allowed only after the treating doctor’s approval.
Visitors and relatives of the patients must leave the room when the doctors or nursing staff have a procedure to carry out. Please try and keep to hours.


Standard Prices

Room Price
Basic double bedded room €180
Basic single bedroom €260
Luxury Room €300
Suite €330
HDU €330
Isolation Room €300
Psychiatric Room €300
*All prices are per person per night

For further information you can call us on 22780780