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The Cardiology services of Nicosia Polyclinic have long served our patients with great consistency and reliability. Our cardiologists offer a compassionate, empathetic and confidential consultation taking a comprehensive history and performing thorough clinical examination.



Non-invasive diagnostic modalities are available in the cardiology department. These include:

Resting electrocardiography (Resting ECG)

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is performed by placing special electrodes on the chest and extremities (arms and legs). This makes it possible to measure and record the electrical output of the heart, which in fact shows the heart’s rhythm and indicate the basic functions of the heart.

Exercise Tolerance Test (Stress ECG)

This is an essential examination for the discovery of possible ischaemia or poor circulation of blood to the heart muscle (angina). The examination is performed by connecting the patient with special walks on an exercise machine. Continuous recordings of the ECG, pulse and blood pressure are taken while the patient goes through a preset regime of exercise with increase of speed and incline every 3 minutes until a target heart rate is reached

Echocardiography (Echo)

This examination is performed by a specially trained cardiologist. A small probe is applied to the chest which emits high frequency sound waves (ultrasound). These sounds are reflected by the heart and bounce back to the probe where the impulses are converted into an image of the heart (seen on the screen or monitor) as it beats. The result is a particularly clear image of the heart and is the preferred diagnostic method for valve defects, congenital cardiomyopathy and generally for abnormalities of the heart muscle function and flow of blood through the heart. The test takes about 15 minutes.

24-hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

A small machine (about the size of a match box) is attached to a blood pressure measuring cuff which is applied to the upper arm. The machine records the blood pressure and pulse of the patient throughout the day and night at preset intervals (usually every 20 minutes). Once the machine is in position the patient can leave the clinic to return the next day and the information gathered to be downloaded into a computer. Invaluable information can be gathered about the blood pressure rise and fall throughout a normal day in the life of the patient.

24-hour ECG Monitoring (Ambulatory ECG)

A small machine (about the size of a match box) is connected to the chest of the patient with special electrodes and is attached with a special belt. It records the cardiac rhythm throughout the next 24 hours. Once it is in position the patient may leave the clinic to return the next day for the collected data to be downloaded into a computer. This examination gives vital information about the heart rhythm during a normal working day. It is particularly useful for patients who complain of palpitations or dizzy spells.

Duplex Doppler Ultrasound of the Carotids

Duplex Doppler Ultrasound of peripheral vessels

These tests are the gold-standard investigations for most cardiological pathologies and their effectiveness has been validated by many scientific articles.

Some of these tests are also available in our check-ups.

Most of these non-invasive tests are carried out by Dr Frixos Galazis who has huge experience on these procedures.

Dr Frixos Galazis, MD, FRCP

Consultant Physician and Cardiologist

Dr Frixos Galazis qualified from the medical school of the University of Athens in 1970. He then moved to the UK where he worked for many years in various hospitals in Liverpool, Wrexham, York, Shrewsbury and Bradford under famous physicians. In England, Dr Galazis trained extensively in General Medicine and specialized in cardiology.

Upon his return to Cyprus, Dr Galazis worked a few years in the public hospitals until he decided to practice independently. In 1991, he and his brother founded Nicosia Polyclinic.
Dr Galazis is a senior member of the Cyprus Medical Association, Internal medicine and Cardiology societies of Cyprus. He deals with a broad range of general medicine including respiratory medicine, gastroenterology and of course cardiology where he is a specialist.

He has been the exclusive doctor of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (RIK) and also advises many insurance companies regarding claims from patients.
For many years he is a specialist in electrophysiology procedures (resting and exercise electrocardiogram (ECG)) and coordinates and supervises general check-ups and issues health certificates.