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Plastic Surgery

The surgical theatres of Nicosia Polyclinic provide a fully equipped and safe environment for our experienced plastic surgeons to operate. Many procedures do not require overnight stay in the hospital. However, some procedures require patients to stay for a night or two in the hospital. Our nursing staff will ensure that your stay will be as pleasant and comfortable as possible and they, along with your surgeon, will make sure that you will receive a comprehensive and close observation before you are discharged.

Dr Harris Zavrides performs most of the plastic surgery procedures in Nicosia Polyclinic. The combination of his advanced surgical skills and the state-of-art facilities provided by Nicosia Polyclinic has lead to excellent aesthetic results for his patients.

For more information on the doctor and the procedures he performs please visit his website.

Dr Harris Zavrides, MD, PhD

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr Zavrides (left) with his mentor Dr Foustanos in Athens

Dr Harris Zavrides M.D, Ph.D is a board certified, internationally recognized Plastic Surgeon dedicated to providing, state of the art Plastic Surgery to his patients. He is expertly trained and through his experience he provides high standards of Medical Service.

Dr Zavrides is highly regarded by patients and peers for his surgical skill and is dedicated to providing the most safe, advanced and innovative techniques, available today in Cosmetic Surgery. He prides his work on the satisfaction of his patients and the continued care that ensures each procedure is as successful as possible.

Consultation with Dr Zavrides is provided in a compassionate and discrete environment, where patients have a good understanding of the recommended procedure(s) to help them achieve their Aesthetic goals. Patients can expect to receive a confidential, respectful and informative consultation, aiming for natural looking results, with the shortest recovery time possible. A surgical plan is developed to meet the aesthetic goals of each individual. Computer imaging is available, in order to create a better focus towards the proposed results. Even after the procedure is completed, Dr Zavrides strives to ensure that clients are satisfied with their “new look” through follow-up visits and special care.

Dr Harris Zavrides was born in Cyprus, studied in the Medical School of Patras University, in Greece and went on to obtain his Ph.D Degree from the Medical School of Athens University, where he became a board certified Plastic Surgeon. He had the opportunity to improve and increase his expertise, as a Plastic Surgeon, at the hands of Dr Andreas Foustanos, a renowned Plastic Surgeon in Athens, and conducted further training in Brazil and Japan, and became a member of International and National Plastic Surgery Societies. Dr Zavrides is presenting lectures in national and international congresses of Plastic Surgeons, is conducting research protocols and is publishing articles in Plastic Surgery Journals, that are internationally recognized from the medical community.

For more information on Dr Zavrides and his procedures please visit his website.